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Author Topic: Application: Atomic Red  (Read 1535 times)
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« on: October 05, 2009, 07:38:58 AM »

Character name: Atomic Red (Project Name/serial number: presently unknown)

Archetype: Tanker (Willpower/Energy Melee)

Current security level: (as of this post) 30

Global Chat Handle: @Sakura Tenshi

Time Zone: Pacific Standard Time

Bio: ((More or less a rough draft of his backstory, if anyone has ideas, suggestions, or corrections, please let me know)) Atomic Red (As he was dubbed by the Americans) was thought to be the pinnacle of Soviet technology when first activated in the St. Petersburg State Institute of Technology in 1972. Designed to demonstrate sophisticated awareness, understanding, and motor skills, the scope of his project meant that while the Institute of Technology had the honor of being the location of his activation, the full workings of his project was worked on by teams from five other universities including all three branches of the Russian Academy of Science. Despite all this, the nature of his eventual self-awareness remains a mystery as it had not been in the design specs and some refuted it as merely the nature of his programming being sophisticated enough to mimic true artificial intelligence. Another matter of concern is that in the numerous millions poured into his design and construction as well as the idea flows between the various places that contributed to his creation, the original man behind the project became a mystery within the ten years leading up to activation date.
None the less, he became a symbol of pride for the Soviet Science community and was displayed to the world and always promised a place and purpose in the Union. Thirty years later and despite hundreds of upgrades, Atomic Red had become and obsolete antiquity of a dying era and the promise of purpose was broken when he was deactivated and sold to the highest bidder in 1992. From then on he appeared a little bit of everywhere, sci-fi conventions, museums, private collectors, and more auctions before being sold to Crey Industries. Mid-way though their parts scavenges, Atomic Red did what would be considered unthinkable for a machine of his age and design; reactivated himself under his own "will" and in a fit of rage at his betrayal, proceeded to rampage throughout Founders' Falls in the fall of 2008. He swiftly stopped by a timely intervention from Statesman (ironically), Citadel, and Luminary, without words Atomic Red realized that while he can no longer serve as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring scientific minds, he could have a new purpose, now serving the people directly.

Special Note: Do not make him sit through WALL-E (again), feels it is the most terrifying horror movie of all time.

((I've had Atomic Red for a while and have been meaning for a chance to move him officially into the CCCP, but always a little uncertain about my RP abilities, having descended from a long line of procrastinators (I'm not joking, ask me more on it sometime and I'll tell you, it's a funny story), and in general a little unsure on where to go with the character, he's more or less stagnated. (but that can hopefully change, I have a few in mind.) And some of you might have met my other characters, so, hopefully it's passable to quality standards of CCCP RP. Thank you.))
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« Reply #1 on: December 06, 2009, 06:46:38 AM »

Comrade Atomic Red has been inducted into the CCCP.  Fortunately he does not have to share a closet with Waitron9000 or Securetron9000 or we might be expecting little soviet toasters soon.

Your friendly neighborhood all-purpose radioactive offender
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