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Author Topic: Application: Led Radiatsii  (Read 1122 times)
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« on: March 15, 2006, 09:38:12 AM »

1. Character name: Led Radiatsii
2. Character archetype: Controller Ice/Rad
3. Full bio:
Mikhail Glasnev awoke in an unfamiliar chamber. He saw people waiting outside, dressed strangely. He waited for his armor to give him an all clear on radiation levels coming from his body before he came into antechamber and said, "What is the status of the war, comrades?"

The people looked at him strangely. One spoke up and replied in Russian, "What war?"

"The war with the Germans, what other war is there going on?" he asked, confused.

The men gathered in the room looked at each other with knowing expressions. This scenario was bound to come up, and they had come prepared. One of the men, presumably their leader, spoke in reply, "That war has been over for fifty years, comrade. There is much catching up to do."

Glasnev took the helmet off and spoke weakly, "Da..."


Mikhail walked into the office of Paranormal Services. He stepped through the door and stood at attention. "You wanted to see me, Comrade Minister?"

The subminister glanced up from his paperwork at the armored man. He'd seen all types come through those doors, looking to serve their country in their own unique way. This one was no different. There was one difference, however.

"Please sit, comrade Glasnev," the subminister said, gesturing to the seat in front of his desk.

Mikhail sat down, awaiting the Minister's words. The official stared at him for some time with a scrutinizing look. Cases like this must always be handled delicately.

"Comrade Glasnev, first let me say that on behalf of the government, your service in the name of Mother Russia during the Great Patriotic War was exemplary. Even in such times, heroes like yourself, and even the ordinary People, took up arms and did her proud."

"Da, I did what was needed to do for the motherland."

The subminister pushed his spectacles back up the bridge of his nose, steeling himself for the next part of this meeting. "Of course you did, comrade. Now your particular talents are needed elsewhere." He cleared his throat, thinking back to the report that has caught his eye to begin with. Inciting public ire with Communist propaganda. Disrupting official business with same. The complaints had been coming in right and left, but no one wanted to do anything about it. Well, thought the subminister, As the Amerikanskii say, the buck stops here.

"Comrade Glasnev, your devotion to Soviet Russia and the ideals of the Party are needed. There is a contingency of our comrades based in Paragon City, and I... we think it would be best if you were to join them, and aid in their cause for the Proletariat and the Workers of that decadent place."

"Da, that sounds good! We will take the fight to running dog capitalists!"

The subminister forced a smile onto his face. Wonderful. Let those people deal with his fanaticism, so we can wash our hands of him. "Excellent, comrade." He opened a drawer and removed a thick manila envelope. Holding it out to the man he said, "All of the appropriate paperwork is here. Fill it out and we will begin the orders for your transfer." Never mind the fact that we already have your plane ticket[/i].

Mikhail thought to himself as he filed out the paperwork, It is good to serve Mother Russia again![/i]

((Some things to note, He really thinks he is being sent to the US to help out Russia. He also still thinks that "The Americans" are not to be trusted so it will be a learning curve for him.))
4. Current level: 8
5. Global Chat Handle: @Big Mike
6. Time Zone: EST
7. Some indication on why you want to run around online with us: I've ran with the CCCP on alot of my alts, and Russian history has always been kind of a hobby with me. So I figured when I came up with a decent story I'd propose it to you guys and see if it would be a good fit with the rest of the CCCP

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« Reply #1 on: March 15, 2006, 03:33:45 PM »

Subject: Led Radiatsii
Date: 15/3/2006

Comrade Led Radiatsii has proven to be a sturdy worker of sound ideological basis, and has been accepted as a member of the CCCP.

Note to Commissars: Comrade Led has some memory loss issues, and needs to learn about the last 75 years of history. I have recommended steady diet of television, but Comrade Led may have difficulty adjusting to modern life.

-Soviet Bear


"A psychopath kills for no reason. I kill for money." - Martin Blank, Grosse Pointe Blank
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