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Respecing Tips Post Issue 5
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July 15, 2019, 12:58:15 PM *
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Author Topic: Respecing Tips Post Issue 5  (Read 7299 times)
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« on: July 24, 2005, 01:35:01 AM »

I just thought we should start up a thread to discuss how the changes of Issue 5 are going to affect certain powers, and let the folks that tend to be active on the official forums and on the Test Server share their knowledge.  

I haven't been on Test, yet, mainly b/c my play time has been really low this week.  The word in the scrapper forums is that Invuln and Regen have been slightly nerfed (although some of that may be reversed before live) that SR is having a tough time, and that Dark Embrace is mostly unerfed except for a slight decrease in defense and a total destruction of Cloak of Fear.  Essentially, they have made Cloak of Fear so lame, that no DM scrapper in his right mind would take it, since it now only affects minions, barely debuffs acc, and yet still costs more endurance than any other Dark Armor toggle.  Virtually all DA scrappers I know (myself included) are going to respec out of it and put its 5 slots into something else.  

On the positive side, all scrappers have seen damage go up, by about 12%.  For me, this means Bestial Boy will actually go back to the way I was pre I3, where my Death Shroud (PBAoE Negative Energy)whittled down minions and held aggro while I focused on the bosses and lts.  The consensus respec on the Scrapper forums seems to involve trying to replace Cloak of Fear with a combo of Oppressive Gloom (stunning minions), Death Shroud (hurting them), and adding slots to Dark Regen (since you'll need it more often).

The other thing I've heard, is that supposedly endurance costs are being cut across the board.  I don't know if that's the case, but it may mean that Conserve Power is less critical for endurance heavy builds like DA and SR in the future.

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« Reply #1 on: July 24, 2005, 05:34:30 AM »

The way I understand it is that no (AOE?) mez is supposed to affect anything but minions anymore unless used by a Controller. With the effectiveness of AOE holds cut down, Controllers still needed a justification for existence and this, it seems, is it.

Now. The comment that only Controllers should be able to mez bosses and lieutenants, I've read somewhere, probably from a PM. The AOE part, I've added because most any blast set that I can think of has a Mez that affects minions and Lts. and I doubt they can afford taking those out without making solo Blasters go splat.

That said. It seems there's a lot the Devs haven't considered in their desire to do away with both perma-mez and anything but Controllers mezzing Lts. and bosses. (Controller) Ice Slick for example could still be permaed and was also cut down, I understand. And I think Blasters and Tankers can get that too. There've been rumours of Storm's Thunderclap getting a reduction because Immobilize (or Slow Cap, if Disorient AI gets fixed to prevent the jumping and sprinting) + Disorient = Hold, and T-Clap can be permaed if anybody is dumb enough to go for it.

Not trying to cause a panic, quite the contrary. My belief is that they're going to gut everything down to bare bones and then they will see what they can still allow in. It's the reasonable approach, and it's worked in the past. Though not always according to the wishes of the vocal part of the community.

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« Reply #2 on: July 24, 2005, 07:33:57 AM »

Speaking from an invul perspective, the changes don't seem too bad for smashing/lethal.  But there are some huge issues with unyielding (basically the debuff is huge to a point it is a liability to have it on).  And that resist energies/elements are borked.  The damage from those sources are not being resisted by a fair amount (ballpark figures are about 60% less than before).

I don't know how they are going to make the AoE changes work if they stick to the old formula of mission spawns.  I recently ran through a Synapse TF with a 7 man team on live.  We routinely came across huge over lapping groups of mobs.  Under I5 defense and AoE changes, I think we would have been shredded.  They are going to need to tone down the mission spawns a bit maybe.

I also do not understand why implement the changes to defense from the start if the game pre-20 is pretty balanced.  By introducing these changes to fix the high-end game, they have made the low-end game brutal.  My sonic defender cannot solo missions with mobs of even standing.  He gets shredded from a single yellow lt. and a white minion.  The defense changes will make leveling up brutal post lvl 10 until a character can slot up enough powers effectively.

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