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Author Topic: Applicant: Bolshevist Bolt  (Read 1147 times)
« on: July 20, 2005, 09:01:59 PM »

Name:Vladimir Sokolov
Alias:The Bolshevist Bolt
Security level:6
Players country of origin:USA
Global Chat Handle:BolshevistBolt
Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time
Reason for applying: I have found that I enjoy games far more when I
can actually get into the story of them so to speak.. For instance
in UO I found standing around the orc fort with my fellow "orcs"
in shoddy ringmail holding a cheaply made spear or axe more entertaining then say.. Going with all my "kewl" buddys to slay a dragon for the loot to increase my ability to grief other players. As mentioned below I have been roleplaying for a while.. In mmogs from about late 98' to the present I just enjoy it.. Being a communist seems like it could be interesting in a game polluted with dark spawn like characters to the extent that they arent even dark anymore, They are just laughable my character is geared towards a sort of communist flash appearance well.. I hope I am considered for membership in your supergroup thank you for your time.

Vladimir Sokolov known today as The Bolshevist Bolt grew up in modern day Russia surrounded by poverty and corruption
as few have ever seen. Born in 1986 he never saw the less glamorous side of communism and dismisses tales of brutal
totalitarian regimes as propaganda spread by an administration interested in increasing its own wealth and power
through the fleecing of the less fortunate and in many cases starving public.

His home town of Sankt Petersburg is a prime example of this.. Through it all Vladimir only grew stronger the cold
and merciless Russian winter was by no means the young orphans greatest concern, He showed an exceptional interest
in history especially that of the early 1900's with the rise of the "Bolshevist" and the execution of the royal
family Russia had been liberated from its period of slavery to a corrupt and incapable monarchy at long last..

By the age of 14 he had began to realise he was not a normal boy as his innate powers began to manifest one fateful
day when he nearly atomized a fellow orphan during an altercation of unclear origin, The boy survived as Vladimir
being an untrained young mutant had not yet unleashed his full potential to control pure energy. From this day on
he was viewed as an oddity.. A mutant orphan that was a dedicated communist in an era where Russia had become a
"democracy" and realized its erroneous ways denouncing communism. Vladimir would right these wrongs! He was blessed
and given the power to restore the iron curtain once more he thought! What a blessing through all of the misery
of his youth he could finally make a differince.. Or so he hopes

After training for many years in his native land he has come to test himself against the villains the plague Paragon
City and perhaps even show a capitalist pig or two the superiority of communism along the way..Looking back into
history for an alias to protect his family he chose one that he felt fit his ability to manipulate energy best..
The Bolshevist Bullet was born on this day. Having heard of the glorious CCCP he actively seeks membership in this
group of like-minded socialists in the hopes of becoming strong enough to restore the Union to its former glory!

OOC: I have roleplayed everything from an orc to a wolf in past games including UO EQ AC AC2 and most recently WoW, I am looking forward to seeing you in game comrades!
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« Reply #1 on: July 21, 2005, 12:30:45 AM »

Dear BolshevistBolt,

Great to see you have interest in our group. Be sure to keep an eye out for an officer in game (and we will do the same looking for you). Our application process revolves around a short probationary period. You may get invited into the SG to facilitate getting teams. But it really is a time for us to get to know you better and vice versa. You get a chance to see how we play and the extent of roleplaying we do.  Your bio seems to be right in , though.

If you do get in, we like to limit the number of alts in CCCP. With a bit of bio twisting, however, a leftist/communist character outside the Russian Cold War theme will easily fit in our alt group, "Young Champions - CCCP". So after being with us a while, if you have an alt or two that might fit in our group, Young Champions is a great place for them to be.

Bestial Boy (Prof Tempest)

Other Officers (limited list): Untermensch (Chug), Red Saviour II, Communard, Soviette, Carpathia, Svarog (we have others, but I always forget someone)

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